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At Healthy Gourmet Miami, our Executive Chef Eric Stein combines years of experience within the Culinary Industry with the latest knowledge in the science of Nutrition to bring to your table healthy, chef quality and most importantly delicious food. Our organic ingredients are specially picked from the most reputable markets and local farmers in town and are carefully combined into a menu tailored just and exclusively FOR YOU. We are a premier catering company offering our services in South Miami, Coral Gables, Pinecrest and the surrounding areas.

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Healthy Gourmet Miami is the premier catering company in Coral Gables. Founded by the celebrated chef Eric Stein in 2012, we have quickly developed a reputation for our completely customizable menu options, our delicious and exquisite spreads, and our commitment to using healthy, locally-sourced ingredients.

Dinner Parties

The next time you host a dinner party, entrust the cooking to the expert caterers at Healthy Gourmet Miami. Our passion lies in creating healthy, wholesome, and delicious meals from the highest quality of fresh and local ingredients.

Dinner Party Catering

Healthy Gourmet Miami delivers dinner party catering services in Pinecrest. Our mission is simple, the goal has always been to produce, create and distribute the finest quality dishes this city has ever seen and tasted! Our menus are innovative, creative and oh-so delicious; your dinner guests will love every single morsel, right down to the last bite.

Miami Meal Plans

We live in a world where everyone has a lot on their plate—so much so that they don’t have time to think about what they’re eating! From school to work to family, trying your best to carve out a little space of free time can be difficult. Because of this, meal prep often falls by the wayside.

Gourmet Food Take-Out

When people think about take-out food, they typically tend to assume that they are limited to cheap and greasy options like burgers, Chinese or pizza. And while there is nothing wrong with any of those options in moderation, what are the people of Coral Gables supposed to do when they want to treat their taste buds to exceptional gourmet food on the go? Easy—all you need to do to get incredible gourmet take-out is call (305) 233-0303 and place an order with Healthy Gourmet Miami.

Gourmet Catering

Looking for an amazing gourmet catering menu to make your next function a hit? Healthy Gourmet Miami is one of the top-rated catering companies in Coral Gables. With our focus on farm-fresh choices that taste delicious and won’t balloon your waistline, Healthy Gourmet Miami is the perfect choice for anyone looking for affordable gourmet food.

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