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    • Dinner Parties

      Want to throw gourmet parties more often but still want to be able to enjoy it? Then dress up! You have just been invited at your OWN party.

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    • Cooking Lessons

      Learning how to cook can be fun! Let us help you find your inner chef and impress your friends and family with a delicious gourmet meal.

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    Who are We

    We are Food Service Professionals serving Miami area that specialize in bringing to your table the best of two worlds: Delicious Gourmet yet Healthy and Nutritious Food.

    At Healthy Gourmet Miami Personal Chef Services we believe that healthy good food can do more than satisfy anybody’s appetite. It can bring a busy family around the table and turn any special occasion into a delicious memory. It can open your eyes, awaken your senses and ultimately take you in a culinary journey of colors, aromas and flavors that you will always want to come back to.

    Healthy Eating vs. Dieting

    First things first. Healthy eating IS NOT dieting. One of the most common misconceptions about healthy eating is that is only intended for losing weight. That my friends cannot be further from the truth.

    What is the difference? - Healthy Eating is a part of a new lifestyle and mindset and it is intended to be for life while dieting is only intended to last a set period of time.

    At Healthy Gourmet Miami, our Executive Chef Eric Stein combines years of experience within the Culinary Industry with the latest knowledge in the science of Nutrition to bring to your table healthy, chef quality and most importantly delicious food. Our organic ingredients are specially picked from the most reputable markets and local farmers in town and are carefully combined into a menu tailored just and exclusively FOR YOU.